With all the talk about how distracting and damaging cell phones are, it’s easy to assume that no good can come from your cell phone. However, technology is usually a good thing if it is used properly. Think about your hearing and your cell phone for a moment. While listening to loud music on your phone can damage your hearing, your device can also save your hearing and monitor it.

Your device isn’t going to necessarily destroy your hearing; it might even help you preserve your hearing well into your golden years. Following are ways your device can protect your hearing.  

Protect Your Hearing

Loud noises can damage your hearing in a short amount of time. For example, an idling bulldozer can damage your hearing in just one work day. Similarly, listening to music through headphones with the volume at maximum level can cause permanent damage in one day. And the worst part is that you might not be aware that damage is occurring until it is too late.

Can an app save your hearing? Yes, it can. Many apps monitor environmental noise levels and will warn you if it’s too loud. Also, some apps lower the volume of your music when there isn’t any outside noise to interfere with your sound quality, which prevents you from blasting your music when you don’t need to. Others prevent you from turning up the volume too loud. 

Test Your Hearing

If you’ve ever wondered how good your hearing is, you can have it tested at an audiologist’s office. You can also test your hearing using your smartphone, once you download an app designed for this purpose. The app, which works like most hearing tests, utilizes a series of tones and pitches to evaluate your hearing. Periodic evaluations may tell you that your hearing is going downhill before you notice any symptoms. If you catch damage early enough, you might be able to take corrective measures before you start to notice that you can’t hear as well. 

As you can see, there are numerous hearing apps that can preserve your hearing and help you keep tabs on how much damage you’re doing to your eardrums. Since you can’t repair hearing damage, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That’s why it’s a good idea to see what types of hearing apps are available that will help you in your daily life. 

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