Flying is often a hassle, but it can be much more so if you are flying while wheelchair-bound. To avoid any complications, you must contact the airlines and hotel ahead of time to make sure that you will be offered all necessary accommodations.

Learn About Airline Wheelchair Legislation

Familiarize yourself with the wheelchair accessibility legislation for the country you will be traveling in. This will inform you about the accommodations that airlines must provide you. Also, if the airline does not provide you with necessary accommodations, you will know to report these matters to the appropriate authorities..

Have Your Wheelchair Serviced Before The Vacation

A vacation is a bad time for your wheelchair to be defective. Therefore, you should have your wheelchair inspected and serviced before a vacation. Otherwise, you may not have services available that can perform the necessary repairs.

Make An Early Reservation

Contact the airlines to make a reservation as early as possible. Explain that you are a wheelchair user so that you will be provided with information regarding accommodations available. You will likely be unable to travel through the metal detector. Therefore, the airport security will need to perform a manual pat down. If you have any sore body parts before the screening, inform the TSA agent.

Inquire About The On-Board Reservations That Are Available

Airlines must provide you with assistance when boarding. You will need to be provided with an aisle chair to assist you in getting into your seat. Wide bodied jets usually have bathrooms that are large enough so that an aisle chair will fit, allowing for you to transfer to the toilet. However, you should contact the airlines to verify this. Newer airplanes also have seat arms that can lift up, which makes it easier to transfer to your seat.

Inform The Airline If You Have A Wet Battery

If you use a wheelchair that uses a wet acid battery, be sure to inform the airline. A leaking battery can be hazardous for the airline. To protect the airline, the wheelchair must be placed in a special container for the flight. Once the airplane has arrived at the destination, there will be a delay as your wheelchair is readied. The airline is responsible for reconnecting your battery and also making sure that the battery is functioning properly. To avoid this inconvenience, use dry cell batteries.

Contact The Hotel To Verify That It Is Wheelchair Accessible

Make sure to contact the hotel you are going to stay at ahead of time to verify that they are wheelchair accessible. While there are some countries where it is required by law to make every hotel wheelchair accessible, this may not be guaranteed in every country.

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