Caring for a loved one with Parkinson’s at home can have its challenges, but hiring a home care worker can help to reduce some of your burden while ensuring your relative gets the care he or she needs. If you are the primary caregiver for someone with this condition, here are a few reasons to consider hiring a home care professional.

Home Safety

People with Parkinson’s can experience difficulty with balance and mobility. A home care worker can help you to rearrange your home for maximum safety, such as eliminating tripping hazards and helping to create a clear path for your loved one to walk through the home. In addition, the home care worker can provide help with learning how to use mobility aids, including walkers and canes, to give your relative a renewed sense of independence at home.

Nutritional Planning

Parkinson’s can cause people to have difficulty with chewing or swallowing. It is important to make sure your loved one has a steady diet of foods that are easy to eat while still maintaining proper nutrition. A home care worker can assist with meal planning and preparation, and if necessary, assistance with daily feeding. Your home care worker may recommend soft foods, such as mashed potatoes and applesauce. Foods may need to be cut smaller to allow for easier swallowing. In addition to making sure the foods are easy to eat, your home care worker can help you to find foods that can ease symptoms of Parkinson’s and avoid any foods that may interact with medications your loved one might be taking.

Respite Care And Companionship

While the focus of a home care worker should be caring for your loved one, hiring help in the home can also provide you with a welcome respite. Having someone come in just a few hours each week can give you a much-needed break, so you can handle shopping, errands or just take some time for yourself. You may choose to have the home care worker visit simply to offer companionship and moral support for your loved one as he or she faces the changes that come with progressive Parkinson’s. Talk to your relative’s primary doctor to see if additional emotional support will benefit your loved one, even if you are able to take care of everyday living and medical needs.

Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative disease, and over time, your loved one’s symptoms may become more serious. Hiring a home care worker can help to provide an appropriate standard of care while allowing your relative to live at home. Consider the many reasons to hire a home care worker to support and care for your loved one. Contact a business, such as Anson CareGivers Inc, for more information.